Sabius Privacy Policy

UPDATED: Jan 14, 2021

Thank you for visiting/using the Sabius application, service and/or website. We have developed an amazing application that saves you tons of time and headaches, and we also strive do our best to make the legal terms and agreements as easy to understand as possible. If you read through and have any questions, at any time, do not hesitate to contact us.

The term “Sabius” is also used interchangeably with “we,” “our,” “our service”, “platform,” “application,” “app,” or “us”. This notice is to help explain our online information procedures and help you make a decision about the collection and use of information you submit or we collect through our website, and our other related mobile websites, services, tools, and applications (collectively, the “Site,” “Service,” or “App”).  The Site is owned and operated by Sabius Corp.

Sabius provides its customers (our “Partners,” “Customers,” “Business Owners, or “Self-Employed,” “Freelancers,” “1009 Workers”) a service to enable a convenient way to submit Federal Tax Estimate Payments to the United States Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and/or the United States Treasury (US Treasury) based off incoming revenue transactions (“USD,” “money,” “cash,” or “cryptocurrency”) to their business bank account, financial institution, or digital payments provider or wallet.

1. Scope and Consent

When you are using or viewing the Site, you expressly consent to our collection, use, disclosure, and retention of your personal information, and/or other information outlined in this Privacy Policy.  Use of this Site is also governed by the “Terms of Service“, the “User Agreement“, “Cookies and Tracking” agreements.

2. Information/Data We Collect

a. Registering and Your Account Information: We accumulate personal data: name, date of birth, physical or email addresses, telephone numbers, mobile numbers and financial or bank account numbers, when you register for the Service as a User or when you update your data throughout our Site or application. If you are a registered User and have a validated bank account at one of our Network Financial Institutions, Banks, or have been verified by one of our Payment Partners, we may also collect personal information from that Network Financial Institution, Bank, or Payment Partner if it receives information that your bank account data in our database is incorrect and needs to be revised, updated or adjusted.  If you are a registered User of the Service and have a bank account at one of our Network Financial Institutions, or an existing account with our Payment Partner, that provider of services privacy policy may also apply to the information that we collect through our Site and to the information they provide to us.  Also, we may collect personal information from consumer reporting agencies to assist with the processing of your registration, verify your identity, verify your bank account information and protect against or mitigate potential fraud or unauthorized use of the service.

b. Response to Your Requests: You may provide us your personal data so we can send you newsletters, updates, and additional communications. At any time you have the right to opt-out of receiving any of these messages from us, and the steps to do so are described in Section 5 below.

c. Information About Outside Parties: At times you may choose to submit personal information about other people or associates and invite them to join the Sabius community, service, or to initiate a money transfer to or from another individual or business.  You should receive your friend’s express permission to share their personal information before submitting it to us outside or within our service.

d. Information Gathered From External Sources: The data collected may be merged with data from external records that we have acquired by the law or authorized third parties and which will be used for authentication and identity verification purposes.

e. Data You Associate With Your Profile: We collect any information you enter into your User profile when registering for the service.  This includes your contact data and business data, your bank account data, and information related to any transfers of funds you make between you, your contacts, and receiving parties.  Also, your profile may contain a photograph or other information that could identify you.

f. Mobile Information: We may gather additional information from you if you use our Site through a mobile device (for example, your unique device identifier, device’s operating system, mobile carrier, location or GPS/geo-location).

g. Technical Usage Data: When you visit our Site or use our application, we collect usage data sent to us by your computer, mobile, or another device that tells us how you are using the Site (also referred to as “usage information”) or application.  We use tracking certain technologies (cookies etc.), which can be detailed and explained in our Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy.

We may also obtain password data from you when you log into our application, as well as computer and connection data.  During some site visits and use of our application, we may use software tools to measure and collect data, including page response times, download errors and time spent on specific pages and page interaction information.

Our purpose is to collect and use only that information that we think is needed for our business interests, to validate and verify your identity and to improve your experience when using the Site.  For more about how we utilize tracking technologies and cookies, refer to this Privacy Policy (Section 7) as well as our Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy.

h. Geolocation Data: When you visit our Site or use our service, we may gather geo-location information to provide specific location-based services that you request (e.g., maps or Nearby functionality to identify Sabius App users near you and allow other Sabius users to be notified that you are near them), verify your identity, or any of the reasons set forth in Section 3 of this Privacy Policy. We disclose the geolocation data in the manner outlined in Section 4 of this Privacy Policy.

3. Uses and Retention

a. Operate Our Site: We use the data collected to (1) answer to your requests; (2) enable our Network Financial Institutions, Payment Partners and Parters to initiate or complete money transfers on your behalf or between users; (3) send you emails or text messages to notify you of any pertinent information relating to you and your account; (4) verify adjustments you have made to your personal information and bank account information; (5) facilitate your registration on our Site or application as a User and to fix issues relating to User registration or payment/transfer issues; (6) resolve an issue related to a transaction initiated with our service or by our Payment Partners; (7) verify the existence and validiity of your bank account or financial institution; (8) verify your personal identity; (9) provide you with proper customer service (so that we can resolve disputes or issues with your User accoun, profile, the Service or the Site); (10) improve the Site and Service; (11) give you information and updates about your Sabius profile; and (12) provide you with a safe, efficient, and customized experience.

b. Analyze and Aggregate Non-Personal Data: We use aggregate data about our users and non-personal data to analyze our Site and user behavior and for usual business purposes, including but not limited to information analysis, business audits, developing new products or services, enhancing our Site, identifying usage trends, and improving overall services and business practices.

c. Fraud Prevention: We use data from the Site to assist and mitigate in the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud, security breaches, potentially forbidden or illegal activities, and to enforce our Terms of Service.

d. Communication With You: We use your data to contact you to maintain our Site, your Sabius profile, to comply with your stated communication choices, to provide additional services requested by you, when we collect the data from you, to send you marketing materials or correspondence about Sabius, or contact you for other purposes authorized by law.

e. Mobile Data: When you access the Site on a mobile device, we may use the information collected for any purpose set forth in this Privacy Policy.  For example, we may use this information to provide you with location-based services.

We hold data as long as it is necessary and relevant for our operations.

4. Disclosure

Information gathered on this Site may be shared with

a. Sabius Agents, Business Partners, Network Financial Institutions, and Payment Partners: We may share the information we collect about you with Agents, Business Partners, Network Financial Institutions, and Payment Partners, and our affiliates and subsidiaries, as well as with any third-party suppliers or contractors.  The information may be disclosed to: (1) provide our services (examples include registration, transactions, analytics and customer support); (2) help detect and prevent potentially illegal acts, fraud, violations of our terms/policies, and/or data security breaches; and (3) direct decisions about our services, sites, applications, services, tools and future communications.  This information may be used to send you marketing communications about the Sabius services, and you will have the opportunity to opt-out in any email communications sent to you.

b. Our Network Financial Institution, Partners, Payment Partners, and Banks: We may share personal data of Users with Network Financial Institutions, Partners, Payment Processors, Banks and affiliates for the purposes described in Section 3 of this notice.

c. Service Providers and Other Third-Parties: We may reveal your information to service providers under contract who assist with our operations (such as, but not limited to, verifying your identity, bank account, fraud investigations, site analytics, and operations).

d. Other Entities with Your Consent: Additional third-parties that you ask us to forward your data (or about whom you are unless explicitly notified and permission to when using a specific service). On our Site, you may have opportunities to express interest in or register for other services.  If you do, we will give data about you to those third-parties, or parties working on their behalf, to implement your request.

e. Legal and Law Enforcement: Law enforcement agencies, government agencies, or any legally authorized third-parties, in response to a validated request relating to any criminal investigation, alleged illegal activity, or any other instance that may expose us, you, our Payment Partners, Network Financial Institutions, Banks, or any other User to legal liability.  In these instances, we will share your information with the authorized third parties in response to a subpoena, other legal process or as permitted by law.  In any such events, we will only disclose data relevant and necessary to the investigation or inquiry. This could include data such as a name, city, state, zip code, telephone number, email address, user ID history, IP address, fraud complaints and anything else we may deem relevant to the investigation.

f. Change of Control – Your information/data may be shared with other companies or business entities if we plan to merge with or be acquired by that particular entity.  If a combination of this nature were to occur, we would make all reasonable efforts to request that the new combined entity follow this Privacy Policy concerning your personal information. If your personal data would be used contrary to this policy, we will request that the new owner provide you with prior notice and within reason and per any applicable laws.

g. Companies in The Mobile App Industry: If you access the Site through a mobile device, we may also share your information with carriers, operating systems and platforms.

5. Your Choices

You are in full control over how and when you wish to receive notifications from us or the Site by following instructions within these notices. You may not opt-out of certain administrative emails, for example, emails about your account creation or deletion, addition or removal of a bank account, or required email notification by our Payment Partners or Network Financial Institutions) for your account.  Your user profile information can also be updated, including your bank account, personal or business information, and email addresses, etc. Keeping this data correct and current is vital. If your data is inaccurate or not current, please update it by logging into your profile within the application.

6. Cookies and Tracking Technologies

When you visit or use the Site, our business or payment partners and we may use cookies and other tracking technologies for purposes to enhance your online experience. An instance would be where we remember your log-in status or viewing preferences from previous use of our Site, for when you return later.

Here are a few important things you should know about our use of tracking technologies (e.g., cookies, HTML-5 stored technologies):

  • We allow specific features and options to you that are available only through the use of tracking technologies.
  • We use persistent and session tracking technologies.  Tracking technologies (like cookies) can either be persistent (meaning they remain on your computer or device until you delete them) or temporary (meaning they only remain until you close your browser).  You are always free to refuse tracking technologies if your browser permits and the option to do so is usually located in that particular browsers ‘help’ menu. Note that refusing tracking technologies could conflict with your use of the Site.
  • We employ cookies and tracking technologies with your consent as obtained through your current or prior use of this Site.
  • We encode and preserve the tracking technologies that we place so that only we may be able to interpret the data stored in them.
  • You may come across tracking technologies/cookies resulting from any third-party services that we have allowed on our Site or within our Service that assists us with numerous aspects of our operations and services, on and off of this site, for example, Facebook Tracking Google Analytics .
  • For additional information about the use of cookies and similar or additional technology on our Site, please see this entire Privacy Policy and the Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy .

7. Accessing, Reviewing, and Changing Your Personal Information

Registered Users have the ability review and change their personal information any time they wish by accessing their accounts/profiles on the application.  You should immediately update your personal information if it changes or happens to become inaccurate.  We may retain information from any closed accounts/profiles so to comply with any applicable laws, prevent fraud, assist with investigations, resolve disputes, analyze, or troubleshoot programs, enforce our Terms of Use, or take other actions permitted by law.  Likewise, if your account/profile is terminated or suspended, we may maintain some information to prevent re-registration.

8. Notice for all California Residents

a. California Residents Have to Right Request a List of Third Parties that Receive or Have Received Personal Information: Inhabitants of the State of California may ask for a list of all third-parties to which our Site has revealed personal information (as defined by the State of California’s law) throughout the preceding year for those third-parties’ direct marketing objectives.  As a California resident, if you wish to request this list, please contact us at [email protected]  For all of your requests, you must use the statement “Your California Privacy Rights” in your email subject and body, and be sure to include your name, street address, city, state, and zip code.  In your inquiry, please present sufficient information for us to determine if this applies to you.  You must attest to the fact that you are indeed a California resident, as well as provide your current and valid California address to receive our response. We will not accept list requests over the telephone, through the mail, or by facsimile. We are not liable for notices that are not labeled or sent correctly, or that have incomplete information.

b. Our Response to Do Not Track Signals – California Residents:  California Business & Professions Code Section 22575(b) (as amended effective January 1, 2014) provides that California residents are entitled to know our response to “Do Not Track” browser settings.  We do not have a method of response to “Do Not Track” signals at this time due to lack of a uniform technological standard.  We will continue to evaluate new technologies and may adopt a criterion once one is created.

9. Third-Parties

This website may include links to other third-party sites, like Online Payment Processors, Banks, Network Banks, Financial Institutions, Financial Applications, and other Mobile and Desktop Applications and Software Solutions.  We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these third-party sites.

10. Security

The servers we use are located in the good ol’ United States, where we store and process your data.  We strive to maintain strict technical, physical, and administrative security standards to preserve the security of your personal data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification.  Some of the safeguards we use or may use are firewalls, data encryption, and additional security measure.  You are responsible in making sure that any personal information you share with us, our application, or within our service is accurate and that your password(s) and account/profile registration data are secure and not shared with third-parties or people who are not authorized.

11. Children’s Privacy

The purpose of this Site is a general audience site, and it is not meant for anyone under 18 years of age.  We do not knowingly collect personal or private information via our websites, applications, services, or tools from users under the age of 18.

12. Updates to our Privacy Policy and Content

This Privacy Policy is revised and adjusted often.  You acknowledge that we may notify you about content changes in the way we treat your privacy and personal information by using this Site.  Please check the Site frequently for updates and revisions.

13. Contact Us

If your questions are not clarified or answered online, you may email us at [email protected], or by using the contact us form ( on our Site.