Fortune in Freelancing

Freelancing is awesome. We have the freedom, independence, and lifestyle that the traditional 9-5 just can’t produce. That doesn’t mean it’s all coffee and collaboration. Your cat will command control of your keyboard. The WiFi signal is never good enough but you aren’t chained to a desk. Here you’ll find others just like you who are getting the most out of adventures in freelancing.

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10 Places to Find Your Next Photography Job

Looking for your next freelance photography job? Sometimes finding new gigs can be rough. We've compiled a quick list of resources that you can utilize to get paid doing what you love! Read the original article here Stock Photo Companies 1. Deposit Photos: After a...

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Paying Your Federal Estimated Quarterly Taxes

Paying your Federal Estimated Quarterly Taxes when you are a freelancer, self-employed, or 1099 worker, is something that the IRS requires you do throughout the tax year. The process is annoying, complicated, and a burden. Afterall, you've got a business to run....

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Freelance Writing for Beginners

  Freelance writing for beginners can be hard to manage. If you're a freelance writer who is just starting out, and looking forward to getting high paying freelance writing jobs online, here is a great resource/article that discusses some of the field-tested...

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