Frequently Asked Questions

Sabius puts the “free” back in “freelancer.” You became a freelancer for freedom; freedom over your time, your projects, your clients, and your life. Sabius automates your income tax payments and frees up what is most important to you as a freelancer. Browse answers to questions about our awesome solution below.

What is Sabius?

Sabius℠ is a unique platform for self-employed and freelance workers to automatically send their estimated income tax payments to the IRS. What used to be a notoriously complicated process is now automated - saving you the time, money, and the nightmares associated with the old world of tax compliance. Say goodbye to juggling multiple bank accounts, Spreadsheets, CSV files and long tedious nights of number crunching.

Is my information safe?

Absolutely. To avoid identity theft we never give or sell your sensitive information and we do not disclose any of your personal information to third parties without your explicit permission. For additional security, you can access your account with Touch ID or Facial Recognition.

Do I need to file my tax return?

Yes. We are not preparing or submitting your 1040 or any yearly tax return documents on your behalf. Sabius submits income tax estimated payments on your behalf to help you stay ahead, prevent delinquencies, and avoid costly missed payments. You are still liable for completing your annual filings. If you need assistance on which form to submit or how to do your taxes, visit for more information.

Will this save me money?

Failure to submit your income tax estimates properly not only results in hefty IRS bills, it also comes with penalties and fines: Failure to Pay Proper Estimated Tax Penalty, Failure-to-Pay Penalties, and Interest Charges. The fines/penalties alone can get very steep, in addition to the lump sum of money owed to the government. It's always a good idea to consult with a licensed professional for tax assistance. Sabius℠ is here to help you avoid costly mistakes in advance by keeping you ahead of the game and saving you time. 

How Does it Work?

It's simple. After connecting your business bank account, Sabius identifies your incoming payments and automatically sends a set percentage (that you determine) to the IRS. This helps to keep you compliant, away from fees and penalties, and working and living with your money! With simple integration, there is no need to learn new software. Just add your information, account, and set a tax goal.

Are you a bank?

No. We partner with the nations leading financial institutions, but we are not credit union or bank. Sabius℠ is the provider of a unique software platform that communicates user instructions for funds transfers only. You are always in 100% control of your bank account, financial information, and the payments you choose to allocate for taxes based on your business criteria (expenses, income, lifestyle, etc).

Does this help with my tax return?

Yes. You always have simple real-time access to your transactions. Whether you're using a CPA or accounting firm, or you file your taxes on your own each year, all of your data is accounted for and at your fingertips. Use our internal reporting functions or your bank account ledger each month, every quarter, or at the end of the year - the choice is yours.

What if my business changes?

Because you are in complete control of your settings you can change your percentages every day if you wish. Pause and restart payments anytime you want. We even track your missed tax payments to help you catch up and get back on track. Getting ready to take on a big business expense? Foresee your overhead increasing for a big new client? Just refine your settings and you're good to go! Nobody knows your business better than you, and you are in control over the funds you decide to allocate. Freedom in your finance is finally here.

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