The economy has changed. Why hasn’t your firm?

Smart CPA’s and accounting firms are using new technology to set their businesses and clients up for success!

Put your client’s estimated tax payments on autopilot.

Sabius securely connects to nearly 10,000 financial institutions in the US, is a breeze to use and doesn’t require your clients to learn new software.

Perfect for clients that aren't interested in bookeeping services/software

Reduces your hours spent during tax season

Add new services or increase your bottom line

freelancer tax automation tool

Don’t let technology separate your firm from new business.

Times have changed and so has the way your clients work and live. Instead pitching out ‘big software’ that isolates your clients or competes with your services, Sabius gives you the power and tools to be more productive and profitable as a trusted advisor. Start offering even more value to your clients and save more of your time today by:

Keeping your clients ahead of their tax obligations to the IRS.

Cleaning up financials for tax time.

Automatically sending their quarterly tax payments to the IRS.

Logging transactions for tracking and new service offerings.

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