The new way for banks to serve the freelance economy.

Integrate with Sabius and give your 1099 and freelance customers the ability to manage their tax payments and more. 

57 million independent workers contribute over $1.4 trillion dollars in revenue to the U.S. Economy.

According to Morgan Stanleythe explosion of our new economy is set to overtake the traditionally taxed 9-5 economy in the next 7 years. Today’s banking systems weren’t designed for independent people who work and live on their own terms. That’s why we’ve developed a new solution. 

Sabius allows FI customers to make estimated tax payments from within their existing banking app. The modern workforce has different needs when managing their financial health because they find old-world banking solutions lacking — from features to functionality.

Give your customers a great banking experience and deepen your relationship with them.

A single owner-operator is responsible for running day-to-day business, managing customer expectations, providing services and products, accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting and financial obligations. Unfortunately, juggling important financial components like quarterly estimated tax payments, savings, and retirement goals remains a big pain point for people wishing to succeed. Financial institutions adopting our technology can now increase loyalty in communities and strengthen their connection to people in a meaningful way.

Worry-free integration. Endless opportunities. 


Complete API and design documentation for integration.


Attract, retain and engage with new customers.


Reduce operational costs. We’ve done the work for you.

How do you get this new technology?

Sabius will work closely with your team to approach the best way to integrate our API with your existing platform. Since we’re a fintech company, we know there is much that goes into the safety and security of your customers data and information. We value collaborative partnerships and work with your team to create and develop processes centered around productive outcomes. Our goal is to partner with clients to create a best-in-class product instead of offering a lower-tier whitelabel solution.

Let’s get started

The underserved independent workers across the nation are in need of innovation in their banking experience.  Sabius integration supports financial institutions in enhancing their product offerings to this fast-growing segment of the market. This is a massive opportunity for banking platforms to adapt to the new changes in our economy and bridge the gap between the new way people work and how they manage their finances.

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