Looking for your next freelance photography job? Sometimes finding new gigs can be rough. We’ve compiled a quick list of resources that you can utilize to get paid doing what you love! Read the original article here

Stock Photo Companies

1. Deposit Photos: After a short application process you can easily begin selling your photos on Deposit Photos. All you need is proper ID and some submissions of past work. They also pay 34%-42% or $0.35 per download depending on the customers subscription plan. View Depotis Photos Here

2. BigStock Photos: BigStock is slightly different than Deposit Photos. Instead of an application, you have to complete a short tutorial. This site pays 30% of sales generated from your photos. View BigStock Photos here

3. Dreamstime: This site uses three criteria to judge photos. They review each photo technically, aesthetically and commercially. They payout higher for photos that are exclusively listed on their site and they pay a $0.20 per download (up to 100 downloads). View Dreamstime here

4. Canstock Photo: Canstock is had one of the fastest approval times in the arena. Within a few days you can be making photography money. Simply submit three sample photos. They payout $0.50-$1.00 per photo download and they also have a sweet referral program (up to $50 per person you refer) View CanStock Photo here

Freelance Photography Jobs

5. JournalismJobs.com: This site acts more as a job board. Posting jobs that are currently available in the areas of media, news and video. The jobs listed are also much more likely to be freelance jobs. Simply search your keyword, in this case “photographer” and refine the jobs by location. View JournalismJobs.com

6. People Per Hour: This site is one that allows your to search jobs, like upwork. Except this site has a dedicated  photography sections that gets updated a few timer per week with new jobs. The nice thing about People Per Hour is the fact that is isn’t nearly as saturated as Upwork. View People Per Hour here

7. Get Photography Jobs: This is also a job board site. Sort of like JournalismJobs.com except this one is just for photographers. It’s known for being reliable for finding jobs based on your state. You can find one-off freelance jobs or full-time positions. View Get Photography Jobs here

8. Virtual Vocations: Virtual Vocations is interesting because it only lists jobs that can be done remotely. So if you enjoy traveling or living a digital nomad life this is perfect. It doesn’t have a ton of listings so make sure you keep a close eye on it to swoop in and grab the jobs before someone else does. View Virtual Vocations here

9. The Creative Loft: This site was designed just for the creatives. All you have to do is register for a free account to view the jobs that are up. After that you can view the dozens of jobs that are posted daily. This site also has the highest number of photography jobs listed. View The Creative Loft here

10. Guru: Similar to UpWork, this is a job bidding site. You create a profile, list your credentials and try to find jobs that match what you’re looking for. Because it’s a bid-for-work type of site jobs can be hard to land.  View Guru here

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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